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Our Story

ARC is community based non-profit organization that provides skill building, recreation and therapeutic programs using a person-centered, neuro-affirming approach. We have been providing programs designed empower the autistic community in Regina since 1976

​We are dedicated to supporting the autistic community by raising awareness, community engagement, supporting autistic led initiatives, collaborating with allies, and providing opportunities for self-advocacy and empowerment.

We offer a variety of programs for autistic adults aged 18 to 36. Additionally, we provide summer programs tailored for children and teenagers, along with year-round programming for teens.

ARC Office Building


Through programs and education that facilitate independence, ARC supports autistic people in realizing their potential and participating in their communities.


We envision autistic people being involved in their communities, where they feel a sense of belonging and connection


We believe in the inherent dignity of every person and extend respect to all.

We foster a sense of belonging with our members and employees


We collaborate with members and external partners to deliver the best possible programs and services to autistic people. 

Within ARC, we pride ourselves on team mentality and collaborate with our employees to strengthen that bond.


We view education as the key to facilitating independence. 

We promote acceptance and understanding in the community at large.

ARC Member

"ARC's Independent Living Program gave me the skills and tools I needed to manage my finances well enough to live on my own."

Board of Directors

Meet the visionaries steering our success! Our volunteer board of directors is comprised of seasoned leaders from diverse backgrounds. With a wealth of expertise from autistic members and professionals with experience in a variety of industries, this team ensures sound governance, fosters innovation, and navigates us through challenges to ensure we are on the right path to achieving our strategic plans.

Juanita Pandya, CPA, CMP


Sydney Kidder


Ali Edie



Chad Merc


Logan Salm

Board Chair

Cody Sharpe, PhD


Trent Meyer


Heather Salloum


Interested in joining our board? 

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