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Teen Programs

Thanks to our partnership with Globe Theater Regina ARC is proud to offer programming for teens throughout the year.

Teen Improv

Globe Theatre and the Autism Resource Centre partnered to develop an Improv for Autism class that is held on site at the Globe Theatre. This is a fantastic environment with great instructors to allow individuals to try out improvisation activities and develop spontaneity. 

Camp Connect

Camp Connect is designed for autistic teens between the ages of 13-18 who are interested in meeting new people and trying different activities. Each day teens will learn social skills, participate in a recurring activity unique to the session chosen and engage in activities based around a stated theme as well as other community outings that will appeal to a wider variety of interests. 

Participants must be able to engage in the programming  successfully with a 1:3 staff to participant ratio and have a functional form of communication. 



Before attending programs you will need to become a participating member. Check out our membership page for more details.

Improv Group
"Improv allowed my child to socialize without the fears of being different"

- Parent of Participant - 

"This is the only activity I have ever enjoyed or looked forward to attending"

- Teen Improv Participant - 

"It helped me make more friends and feel more confident"

- Teen Improv Participant - 

Thank you to the following partners for helping to make our high quality programming possible

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