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Life Skills Programs

Our life skills programs are available throughout the year in diverse and engaging formats. We offer weekly drop-in sessions for ultimate flexibility, registered sessions spanning 8-12 weeks for a deeper dive, and one-time workshops for targeted learning experiences. Each program is designed to teach meaningful skills to our members using a person-centered and neuro-affirming approach. Please see our membership page for more information on how to join ARC and access programs. 

Drop-In Programs

Social Drop-In Program

Social Drop-In provides social opportunities in a natural, fun, and engaging environment. Participants meet at various locations every Wednesday evening to share interests, participate in social activities, and spend time with peers. Social Drop-In incorporates a wide variety of activities that encourage engagement with our local community and each other. A small program fee of $5 is collected weekly from those in attendance to help offset costs and takes place year-round.

Chill & Connect

Chill & Connect is scheduled year-round every Tuesday afternoon and provides a welcoming and comfortable environment for members to enjoy snacks, socialize, play video or board games, and make new friends.

Active with ARC

Active with ARC is scheduled year-round every Thursday afternoon. When the weather is warm, the group meets in the park to go for a walk and, when it gets cooler, the group meets at the City of Regina Fieldhouse to utilize the equipment, play badminton, and/or walk the indoor track. The program focuses on developing healthy habits in a safe and supportive environment while having the opportunity to socialize with others.

Grow With ARC

Grow with ARC is a gardening program that gives members the chance to learn about the gardening process, connect with nature, and socialize with other members. During the outdoor growing season, we meet weekly to plant and care for vegetables, flowers, and herbs in both an inground garden and raised beds.

Women's Group

Women’s Group provides a fun opportunity to connect with other young women to try new activities in a welcoming environment.  All ARC members who identify with womanhood, in anyway, are welcome to attend. This group meets monthly, and dates and activities rotate.

Special Events / Workshops

Occasionally, ARC offers one-time or series-based workshops which focus on developing skills within a specific area. Events facilitating opportunities for members to experience shows, activities, and engage with local businesses in and around Regina, are also offered throughout the year.

Registered Programs

Independent Living Program 

Independent Living Program (ILP) is a person-centered, goal-based program developed to help individuals obtain greater independence at home or in the community. Skill areas that can be addressed include, but are not limited to, social skills, budgeting, time management, personal hygiene, relationships and intimacy, meal planning, cooking, and healthy lifestyles. Members meet 1:1 with an ARC staff for one hour weekly for up to 8 weeks.


Offered in partnership with the Globe Theatre, Improv for Autism provides a safe environment to try out acting and improvisation skills. The instructors emphasize spontaneity and socialization throughout. Attendance is by registration in a 10-week session. 


PEERS® is an evidence-based social skills program designed for autistic young adults to learn more about allistic social expectations, which may be helpful in navigating various interactions in daily life. An individualized social coaching component is also incorporated to further apply and practice the concepts introduced.

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures is a group program offered for those wanting to learn more about relationships and sexual wellness. It covers a variety of topics including relationships, gender identity, personal hygiene, and safer sex practices. The goal is to provide accurate education in these areas and a safe space for members to ask questions or express concerns. Attendance is by registration in a 9-week session. It takes place on a week-day evening.

Cooking Program

Cooking Program teaches participants a variety of skills such as recipe planning, budgeting, food preparation, cooking, following recipes, and time-management. There are two streams offered based on prior cooking experience. 10-week sessions are offered in both the Fall and Winter, while a condensed 8-week session is offered in Spring. There is a small program fee to cover a portion of the groceries utilized.

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"It’s been nice to have an opportunity to meet new people and connect with others, see people laugh and have a good time. It’s such a gift to hang out with people that are like me."

- ARC Member-


Before attending our programs you will need to become a participating member. Check out our membership page for more details.


Thank you to the following partners for helping to make our high quality programming possible

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