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Employment Programs

Our employment programs are available throughout the year and cover each step of the employment process. Our programs are designed using a person-centered and neuro-affirming approach. Please see our membership page for more information on how to join ARC and access programs. 

Employment Readiness

The Employment Readiness Program is an 8-week program that utilizes the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES®) to help individuals discover what fulfilling employment means to them. Participants practice realistic, entry-level job tasks they may never have attempted before, promoting the development of hands-on skills and self-confidence. Each day participants also work on a pre-employment skill or activity to help prepare them for future employment.


Throughout the year, ARC runs interactive and educational workshops on a variety of different areas relating to employment. Topics include but are not limited to: job searching, resume building, interview skills, and workers’ rights.

Supported Employment

Our Employment Consultants work with members who are ready to find competitive employment. They work one-on-one with each member to ensure their job search matches their values, interests, and skills/abilities when applying for jobs available in the local community.

Short-Term  Support

Short-term employment support is offered every week for members who are ready to work independently in the community and are looking for short-term help finding a job. Our employment coordinators will be available once a week to assist with career exploration, job searching, resumes, and interview skills.

Vocational Volunteers

Each month ARC offers a variety of different opportunities for our Vocational Volunteers group. While volunteering our members have a chance to build work skills, make community connections, and meet other members with common interests. This group can often be found at special events, and local businesses or organizations helping behind the scenes.

Work Experience

ARC offers a limited number of unique short-term employment opportunities with job coaching support to members. Positions are typically posted in the areas of building cleaning and administration support. Jobs are posted as they become available for those connected to employment programs with an active membership. 

Employer Presentations

Elevate your team's understanding of Autism and neurodiversity in the workplace with our presentations that are backed by years of front-line service experience, drawing from a wealth of knowledge developed by the autistic community, professionals and front-line supports. Please fill out the following request form to inquire about our current opportunities.



Before attending programs, you will need to become a participating member. Check out our membership page for more details.

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