Autism Resource Centre

Finding Color in the Spectrum


The following testimonials have been provided with permission.


“ARC has a level of expertise with autism that we just couldn’t get from anyone else. Therefore, we should wait until the Employment Coordinator has an opening on her caseload before pursuing work. We want to do things right, and waiting for her to have some availability will allow us to get the best services in place for your daughter to have a successful employment experience.” – Vocational Counsellor – Adult Program – Wascana Rehab

“I really appreciate how open you were to working with us.  Finding the appropriate service is an ongoing concern for families and it is such a relief when something is so easy! As well, I have to share how fabulous it was to work with people who were so positive, knowledgeable and accepting.  It is a rare and amazing feeling to be able to drop him off and not worry!  I was confident in the skills of those working with him and could tell they were confident in their ability as well.  What may seem like little things like always greeting him with a smile and talking to him rather than assuming that he would not understand or was not the primary client are really huge things and unfortunately often rarely encountered.   Thanks again and we hope to keep connected as this was a very positive experience for our family!”  A Parent of an Individual with ASD

Summer Program Testimonial

“Had the pleasure of seeing your crew at Dino Bouncers today- and as a former ARC worker was super impressed and proud to see the dedication and relationships your staff have built with the campers. One young dude was having what looked like a particularly rough go today and his workers handled the situation with grace and patience- while leaving his dignity intact- super important and sometimes hard to accomplish- but they did it. Thanks for doing such a great job with kids who otherwise might not be understood by our community at large”. Dino Bouncers Employee